5 Must-See Delhi Metro Viral Videos You Need to Watch

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The Delhi Metro has become a lifeline for the city’s residents, connecting them to various parts of the city with ease. But it’s not just a convenient mode of transportation – it’s also a hotbed for viral videos. Here are five must-see Delhi Metro viral videos that you need to watch:

  1. The “dancing uncle” video – A video of a man dancing on the Delhi Metro to a popular Bollywood song went viral and became an internet sensation overnight.
  2. The “chai pi lo aunty” video – A video of an elderly woman offering tea to passengers on the Delhi Metro went viral and sparked a wave of memes and parodies.
  3. The “Delhi Metro snake” video – A video of a snake slithering inside a Delhi Metro train caused panic among passengers and went viral on social media.
  4. The “Delhi Metro proposal” video – A video of a man proposing to his girlfriend on the Delhi Metro went viral and melted hearts around the world.
  5. The “Delhi Metro singing sensation” video – A video of a talented singer performing on the Delhi Metro went viral and led to a record deal for the artist.

These viral videos showcase the diverse and colorful experiences that can be found on the Delhi Metro. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, riding the Delhi Metro can be an adventure in itself.

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