Jhansi Season 2 Review: Anjali remains the prime focus; unanswered questions see the light- jhansi news

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Story: In her quest to know about her past, Jhansi, aka Mahitha (Anjali), elicits answers from Ameesha (Nithu) and learns about Ethan (Adithya) and her equation with him. Knowing Jhansi is alive, Caleb (Raj Arjun) returns to India. Amsa Begum (Rameshwari), who has been with Mahitha, recounts her past. Did Jhansi save herself and her family? How did Barbie (Chandini Chowdary) end up in Caleb’s camp, and what does she have in store? jhansi news

Review: Directed by Thiru, Jhansi Season 2 begins where it left off in season 1, in Goa, with Jhansi and Dhurva (Chaitanya Sagiraju) in Ameesha’s custody. Several startling incidents from Jhansi’s past are unearthed and answer the unanswered questions. There is love, lust and deceit. Billu’s club finds itself in the middle of all things evil. jhansi news While the main plot is on its way, several subplots unwrap themselves, but instead of aiding the story, these backstories come across as interruptions disturbing the flow. The series needs better writing and screenplay to satisfy modern-day viewers exposed to some excellent content on OTT platforms.

Talking about the positives, the season is still engaging, with its lead and supporting actors coming up with impressive performances. Anjali as Jhansi, aka Mahitha, has been the focal point in the series and carries it brilliantly on her shoulders. She looked attractive, fought with intensity and emoted well with innocence. Chandini Chowdary, on the other hand, held her tomboy/catwoman vibe from season 1 and looked impressive with her beauty and swag. Other characters Aadarsh Balakrishna, Raj Arjun, Talluri Rameshwari, Samyukta Hornad, Mumaith Khan, Aberaam Varma, Pradeep Rudra, Kalyan, Sharanya Ramachandran, Chaitanya Sagiraju, Khushi, Nithu, Kumanan, Adithya Shivpink and others did their best and justified their roles. jhansi news

Season 2 has four episodes – Love and Betrayal, Italian Panna Cotta, The Wrong Turn and The Beginning of the End. The ending of the final episode leaves scope for season 3. jhansi news

Well-choreographed action sequences, the boldness of the characters and a touch of emotion coupled with a decent background score by Sricharan Pakala and cinematography by Arvi make this season watchable.

Season 2 of Jhansi answers the unanswered questions from season 1. While Anjali as Jhansi remains the focal point and delivers, the season needed better writing and screenplay. jhansi news

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